What, I have to pick out paint, too?

We are officially closing on our first house on Tuesday! We’re excited, but I’m also starting to get a little overwhelmed with the amount of things we have to do to the house before we move in.

One thing we’ll be doing ASAP is having the whole interior and exterior painted. The exterior isn’t that difficult, we only have to pick one main siding color and a trim color (which is currently the most horrible olive and poop green from the 70’s and most of the reason that the house was on the market so long). It’s the inside that’s freaking me out.

At first I thought, hey, all I have to really do is pick a color for the living room and dining room and I’ll just paint the rest a kind of off-white. Oh, but then there’s also the kids’ rooms…which I don’t want to paint pink and blue because those are gender stereotypes that I don’t believe in, but I want them to be bright and welcoming – not white. And also our bedroom, with new duvet and pillows in grey and yellow. Need to paint that so that it creates an nice soothing feeling… Then there’s the new office/guest room of completely undetermined color scheme because we’ve never had a room like that before.

We have 2.5 baths now! So do I buy new accessories/towels for the new bathroom and coordinate the paint color to the new things? Or just pick something randomly right now because I don’t have time to buy new stuff before we move? Aagh! I give up!

It’s not that I don’t care about the paint, but I kind of just want someone to come in there in and pick it for me. You know, like on HGTV! Only I need them to do it by Wednesday. Any volunteers?

7 thoughts on “What, I have to pick out paint, too?

  1. Jill Krause says:

    We really lucked out. My cousin was finishing up her interior design degree from AI of Dallas when we moved in. She begged us to come by and help us pick out paint colors. I would have never chosen the ones she did for us, but I love them! Good luck. Paint is overwhelming.

  2. The Eco Chic says:

    I absolutely LOVE to pick out paint colors (and paint)!!! Too bad I don’t live nearby…I would do it all for you!  That’s just how much I love playing with colors!! Good luck…you’ll be fine.  PS…Sand color goes with almost everything if you really can’t decide.  🙂 

  3. Jenny Bradford says:

    Oh I wish you did live here, I would TOTALLY let you pick all the colors! OK, I am definitely going to use a sand-like color in the dining room. It’s even got the word “sand” in the name!

  4. Natalie says:

    Congrats on your house!! Don’t worry about getting everything bought before you move in. Just try and do a room a month or something. Except for the painting, that’s easiest before all the furniture comes in. Maybe you could have a painting party?!

  5. Jenny Bradford says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE that Martha Stewart palette – THANK YOU!! I am seriously going to go out and buy exactly those samples and paint them on the wall, possibly Thursday!

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