Amazing Cat Video and I haven’t killed the plants yet

Using my new camera, which has a video function, and iMovie, which came with the MacBook Christian and I created the following video and it only took like an hour and a half. Hopefully that’s just the learning curve and it won’t take so long next time.

And here are a few photos I took with the camera. Remember the bell pepper plant? Well, it’s not dead yet. In fact, here is a baby pepper that has just started to grow, and another blossom that I hope will grow soon!

One thought on “Amazing Cat Video and I haven’t killed the plants yet

  1. Elizabeth Wickland says:

    Hee hee! I like the cat video. Cats are so weird.

    Also, my pepper plant seems to be doing just the same thing as yours! It’s got a baby pepper that’s growing veeeery slowly. We could have a pepper race. Yep! But I think you’d win… it will probably snow here about the time my pepper decides to get fully grown…

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