Argh, here we go again

For some odd reason I have another one of those crazy head colds, coming from allergies. I did a half day at work and the rest I worked from home. I have no idea what I could be so severely allergic to. The doctor called me in some new medicine since the last one is doing absolutely nothing. He said if this one does not work that I should see an allergist.

Yesterday morning when I left for work, even though I did the where-are-both-the-cats check before leaving, somehow Gabby managed to sneak into our bedroom which I close off during the day, and she was locked in there all day. She was upset so she peed on the bed. So last night we had to sleep in the guest room while the sheets and mattress were soaking in PetZyme. Good times.

In other exciting news, we looked at a very nice duplex today but it didn’t have full size washer-dryer connections or a real dishwasher (only a portable one that you hook up to the sink), and the kitchen was tiny and closed off from the rest of the house. So, we’re still here for the time being. I guess it’s just another month closer to having the debt paid off.

One thought on “Argh, here we go again

  1. boy says:

    Your cat is something else, she sure does hold a grudge, what a mess. I hope you can get your allergies in line, that sounds like no fun at all. Thanks again for the fun visit a few weeks ago, I am dreaming of getting a Wii!!!

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