Zenity Spa

Before the holidays, I mentioned that I pulled a deal with my work to get a day off on Monday, and I was excited about visiting an organic spa I found online. My first thought was to go to the Whole Foods spa, but since Mondays and Wednesdays are 20% off services, apparently those days are fully booked way in advance, and calling a week early wasn’t early enough.

So, I did an online search where I included all the surrounding areas of Dallas and found Zenity Spa in Allen, TX. It is not quite an hour’s drive from our house.

First of all, being in a strip mall in a suburb, it isn’t all that fancy from either the outside or the inside, really. I think I get spoiled a lot by Dallas stores and how plush they can be. I am sure they are that way because the clientele in Dallas is more pretentious and picky.

But, I kept an open mind, and I am certainly glad I did. I had a spa pedicure and a moisturizing manicure. They do their spa pedicures in a heated copper bowl because apparently copper is naturally antiseptic! Who knew?! I loved the way they sprinkled dried flowers in the bowl and added the essential oil I selected (I chose rose! I don’t have that one at home yet).
The manicurist also helped me figure out what to do with my nails, since I really wanted a festive red but I fear nail color, which always only lasts about 2 days on me. She had the idea to do a buff under the polish so that when I remove the polish, the buff remained. It worked!! I recommend it to anyone who only wants polish for a little while but wants the manicure to last longer overall.

I think my favorite part of the visit, aside from the fact that they don’t use chemicals or thick, sticky creams full of phthalates, was the people! I really enjoyed the two ladies I spent time with, they were very down-to-earth and fun to talk to. To me, that is very important when you spend 3 hours somewhere and want to feel relaxed.

I wish I could remember the names of the specific ladies who helped me, I would like to request them again. I am notoriously terrible with names. They also offer lots of different massage packages, I think I would like to go try those with Christian. I guess the saddest thing for me is how far away the spa is. I wish it was closer!