White Rock Local Market

I am pretty sure I’ve posted about White Rock Local Market before, which is an outdoor market held at The Green Spot on Buckner Road near White Rock Lake (less than 2 miles from our house!) in Dallas. They are now holding it twice month – once with both food and local artisans and their products, and the other weekend food-only. This weekend was the food-only market, and I was really excited about all the delicious natural and local foods were able to get for under $40. You can click on the picture below to go to Flickr and mouseover each item. Links are below.
White Rock Local Market foodz

So far my favorite is the pretzel bread, even though I neglected to get the card of the baker. It it soft, salty bread that tastes just like a pretzel. YUM!

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    1. Living says:

      too much plastic! if you buy organic food wrapped in non-biodegradable packaging, are you really helping the environment? I think not.

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