What I have learned about blogging

¬†Although I cannot remember when I started blogging “for real”, I somehow started being aware of what I was doing and I’ve definitely become more focused in the last year or so – since attending BlogHer 2010.

I have learned a lot in the last year or so, which I am probably going to have trouble describing because I don’t get much sleep. So I thought I’d write a nice bulleted list of the things I’ve learned about blogging, to help out my new blogger friends:

  • Twitter. OMG, Twitter. It is how we promote our blogs, how we read other peoples’ blogs, how we make friends, and how we support each other as bloggers. Cannot be underestimated. These days, I feel like blogging without Twitter would be like throwing your words into a void.
  • Blog conferences. Cannot be underestimated. I have only been to BlogHer myself because I keep getting pregnant and having babies, but I’ve watched my blogger friends go to the variety of other big conferences and every time a blogger attends a conference, their network expands. It’s a huge benefit to your writing, to your motivation, and to the presence of your blog.
  • Local blogger meetups. I love these! I love meeting bloggers in my area so that we can actually meet in real life. Local bloggers are so helpful! And you can have drinks with them!
  • Facebook fan pages. I tried to avoid this as long as possible, but then I realized that I really enjoy seeing other bloggers’ blog posts in my Facebook feed, and the discussions that surround them in the comments. I knew I had to start one myself, so I did. The Conscientious Confusion Facebook fan page currently sucks because no one ever comments on my posts, “Like”s my statuses, or starts discussions on my page. But this is my fault because I don’t update as much as I should. I do social media for my job, I know how this works. I should apply what I know to my own blog!¬†

That is all I can think of right now.

What would you tell a new blogger about what you’ve learned about blogging? Or what do you, as a blog reader, want most from a blogger?

2 thoughts on “What I have learned about blogging

  1. Jes says:

    Oh. Right. Twitter. So *that* is why it feels like my words are being thrown into a void. Maybe I should do something about that.

  2. Merritt says:

    Loved this list and I have been meaning to ask you about blogger conferences and meetups. I need to expand my network! Are there any you’ve heard of that are good (besides the one you’ve been to)?

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