Toddler verdict: homemade toothpaste = NO!

In my ongoing quest to be more green, save money, and learn how to make my own stuff, I read Ashleigh’s post on making your own toothpaste and thought, “YES!”.  I even had all the ingredients in my kitchen already.

My kids are currently 1 year old and 2 years old, and can’t brush with toothpaste containing fluoride because they see toothpaste as a snack. They actually ASK for more toothpaste after sucking the paste off the brush. Obviously, I can’t allow them to ingest fluoride like that. So I have been shelling out major dinero buying them toddler toothpaste without fluoride that is xylitol-based. If you haven’t read the ingredients on your toddlers’ fluoride-free toothpaste, please do. If you’re buying the cheapest brand, I can almost guarantee that you’re allowing them to put high fructose corn syrup or aspartame on their teeth before bed. Why, Colgate, why?!

As far as sweeteners for toothpaste go, xylitol is your best bet because it is actually good for your teeth. However, there are always dyes and other things in the kids’ store-bought toothpaste that I don’t love.

I made the toothpaste recipe using peppermint essential oil for additional antibacterial properties. I tried it myself and it leaves a wonderful minty clean feeling in the mouth. I felt like I’d just had a teeth cleaning!

I shared it with my husband. He HATED it. To be fair, he hates coconut in all forms: the oil, the smell, the actual nut, the flavor. Everything
. So the fact that it had coconut oil in it at all was a no-go for him.

I shared it with my kids. My 2 year old actually burst into tears and threw a tantrum. My 1 year old would not open her mouth at all. She threw the toothbrush on the ground.

Everyone was crying

So now I have a lovely jar of toothpaste that I enjoy but no one else in the family will touch. We went to the store and bought more toddler xylitol toothpaste, a tube for around $6. It will last about 3 weeks before we have to buy another. Awesome.

I know what it is that my kids want: fruity flavor. They don’t like peppermint and they don’t like cinnamon. I have been scouring the internets and can’t find any recipes for toothpaste that would taste fruity.

What could I use to provide the fruit flavor without artificial chemicals, that also wouldn’t have sugar that would build up on their teeth overnight? Ideas, please!

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  1. Jessica Allen says:

    Sorry, I’m laughing while reading this. I’m imagining my two boys doing the same thing…throwing a tantrum over toothpaste. Of course now I’m off to read the label on their toothpaste which I’m sure has aspartame in it. 🙂

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