7 Quick Takes Friday #44 – BlogHer 2012 Edition

BlogHer 2012 Recap Edition
— 1 —
I am already/still missing some of the friends from BlogHer!

I wish I had a picture of Kim Rosas from Dirty Diaper Laundry, she is the best. 

— 2 —
Yes, I did actually see New York City for about 30 minutes, as I walked from place to place.

— 3—
I actually missed my kids. I spend so much time talking to toddlers that it was weird to talk to adults. And sometimes, when there is adult drama (and by that I mean, on Twitter), I really appreciate the pure and simple love of a toddler.
— 4 —
The first full day back and full-time with my kids all day, I stopped missing them immediately. I think it stopped when the screaming and fighting started. Which was probably about 7:30am.
— 5 —
Here is the obligatory picture of me with a life sized licensed character. This year, The Lorax.

It is blurry because I had some random passerby take it.

— 6 —
You know what is cool about New York? They require all restaurants with more than 5 locations to list the calorie count of each dish on their menu! I loved this at Dunkin Donuts because sometimes I forget which is the least bad choice: bagel, croissant, or english muffin.
— 7 —
Now that BlogHer is over for this year, did you know that Blissdom 2013 is going to be in the Dallas area (FYI: Grapevine is NOT Dallas. It is near Dallas. That is completely different)?! I would really like to go but I’d need a sponsor.
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