The mystery of 6 destroyed shirts

I am putting this mystery out into the internets, hoping that someone can solve this for me. I have lost 7 of my everyday shirts to a mysterious scourge of tiny holes. Every day I lose another one. I only had about 12 shirts, total, in my whole wardrobe to begin with, so this is quite a blow. I am now wearing tank tops with sweaters a lot.

You might think moths, right? Well, here’s the thing – the holes are in the SAME PLACE on each shirt. Here is a picture I drew to illustrate the location of the holes using an image I stole from a major retailer and a very cheap drawing program, because I am a terrible photographer and could not figure out how to take pictures of the 7 shirts.

Even weirder: Christian has one shirt with the same tiny holes. Only one. But I have 7.

In fact, when I started writing this post I had 6 shirts with holes. Then I looked at the shirt I was wearing, which was fully intact this morning when I put it on. Now? 5 TINY HOLES!

Here are some theories:

  • The seatbelt of our car. I drive the Honda Fit 99% of the time, Christian rarely drives it. The seatbelt, maybe? If so, how? I have actually examined the seatbelt and cannot find any sharp pieces sticking out anywhere.
  • The Ergo. I use it every day. I did use it today, when these holes appeared. Christian rarely uses it. Again, I have examined the Ergo and cannot find any sharp pieces sticking out anywhere.
  • Leaning against counters. This blogger says this is why she got holes in her clothes. But she only had one hole in each shirt. I have 5-6 tiny holes. Also, my holes do not look like something has worn into them. They look like something caught on the cloth.

Can anyone help me solve this mystery? Pretty soon I will be entirely shirtless.

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SOLVED: Here is my final conclusion on what happened to my shirts!

UPDATE: I am now wearing aprons at the deathly countertops.

7 thoughts on “The mystery of 6 destroyed shirts

    1. Anonymous says:

      This has been happening to me for years now & could never come up with an answer. Yesterday I wore a new tee and while cleaning up after dinner I noticed a tiny hole, Now no way was it there when I put it on and being new it could not have happened in the washer. so I continued to clean up and tracked my moves, standing at the sink, leaning down rinsing dishes, loading the dish washer etc. When I was done there were 2 more holes in the front of my tee!!! Finally the answer, when you are leaning at the counter the button of your jeans is pushed against your shirt and the friction from counter top rubbing up on your t which is rubbing on the button!!! I purposely did it a few more times and yep more holes, especially since I have granite and the counter seam is right in front of my sink. Give it a try on an old shirt (thin tee) and hopefully you will get the same result…

  1. Ariyzona says:

    I too am suffering from this problem and it is making me insane.  It seems to be all shirts from the same drawer so I too assumed moths.  I washed in hot water and threw all the shirts with holes away.  Now three weeks later, the holes are back.  And all suspiciously in my Ann Taylor Loft shirts – also on the front.  It was the same last time except for one shirt that was attacked from the back.

     I am getting drastic this time.  I am re-washing and moving drawers to another dresser.  The old drawer I will fill with moth balls.  I hope I can get the toxic smell out though.  My husband shares the same dresser with no issues.  Also my kids laundry goes in with ours and has had no issues. 

    I don’t buy the old seat belt story or I would have always had this issue.  I also don’t wear belts.  I did start using a store brand of Oxi Clean so I wonder if this could be it.

    Please let me know if you find a cause.  Good luck to you and your wardrobe.

  2. Holes making me Crazy! says:

     For me I am convinced that it is the little plastic rivet on my Honda Odyssey seat belt.  I currently have put duct tape over it.  The rivet is on the belt to help stop the metal part from dropping down.  Even thought it is actually located on the opposite side of the belt and shouldn’t touch my shirt…I’m sure it gets twisted.  Especially if I turn around to help the kids. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Were the shirts all purchased at the Loft?
    A group of teachers have the exact same problem, just with the Loft tops.

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