Cloth diaper Thurs: ones&twos AIO

Time for another cloth diaper review! I had heard a lot about this new brand, ones&twos, from some blogger friends. The company really aims to make an affordable cloth diaper so that more people can enjoy cloth. I tried the pink diaper on Little Lady:

The reason I tried it on Little Lady is not just because it is pink, but because these diapers do run a tad small. I wasn’t sure it would stay on Little Sir (he’s currently 2 yrs, 4 months). Little Lady wears the diaper with the rise completely unsnapped – she’s 19 lbs. at exactly 1 year old. So when she gets too much bigger, we’d probably need to retire this diaper. I feel like this diaper would make a GREAT newborn diaper!

I love how the diaper fits her now, though. The leg elastic is so nice and snug and I love how grippy the velcro is.

I’m going to give you the image from their web site to show you what the inside of this All-In-One looks like:

As you can see, there is an included soaker. We never use the diaper without the soaker because Little Lady is an extremely heavy wetter. One thing I love: the soaker is so super soft! I just want to sit there and stroke it. It’s silky or something! I am sure it feels good on the baby’s bottom.


  • Soaker is very soft
  • Love using the soaker because you can pull it out and spray poop off it instead of having to spray the inside of the diaper
  • Nice, comfy fit (makes the fluffy bum look super cute)
  • Great price!!
  • Nice, bright color options
  • Adjustable rise
  • Great newborn diaper


  • Diaper does run a little small
  • Only comes in aplix/velcro right now
  • Typical AIO issues (i.e., you can’t stuff a pocket)

Overall, I really like this diaper!

Rating: 4 out of 5