Onions for the duck: a natural remedy #FAIL

Earlier today, my friend Rebecca pointed me toward an awesome natural remedy site, EarthClinic.com, where you can look up natural and folk remedies for all kinds of ailments and situations!

Right now, Little Sir is doing a lot of coughing. I had actually been able to keep them from getting sick using Thieves’ Oil for a long time but it turned out that I wasn’t diluting it enough and the topical application gave both kids diarrhea! Ack! So we have had to stop using it the last 5 days or so. As soon as we stopped using it, both kids got coughs. No other symptoms, really, but coughs at night and during naps. We’re doing the usual humidifier, Vicks Vaporub on the feet and chest, and my trusty elderberry syrup. But I’m always open to new things!

I looked “cough” up on Earth Clinic and found the following recommendations.

Spray apple cider vinegar on pillow.
Did this on Little Sir’s pillow before nap. As he was lying there before falling asleep, I did notice he coughed a lot less. However, after about an hour, the coughing came back. I’d probably try it again, since the falling-asleep time is critical. Unfortunately, this only works if the child will lie down on the pillow. Mine has to be forced to do this. I have to sit in the room with him and force him to lie down for 20-30 minutes before he will fall asleep.

Chopped onion – several ways to use.

#1 – Treated with sugar and set out for the juices to extract, then take the juice orally.
Trying this right now. You’re supposed to set the onion out overnight. Mine’s been out 3 hours and I already see the juice coming out. I’m going to try and give this to Little Sir right before bed.

#2 – Set a cut-up raw onion next to the bed
When Little Sir started coughing again, I cut up another onion and went in to set it by his bed. HE WOKE UP. Huge fail.

#3 – Eat raw onion
Well, he was awake by that point and pointing at the “apple” next to his humidifier. He was very concerned that the duck (humidifier) needed to eat this apple:
Onion for the duck?
When I explained the “apple” was for him to eat, he found that laughable and refused.
So much for that one, too.

Did any of the remedies work?
Meh, maybe? I’ll probably try the apple cider vinegar spray tonight, and I’m going to feed him some of that onion juice even though it’s very similar to the natural cough syrup recipe I made in the past.

Probably the best approach is to prevent illness altogether with by boosting the immune system. What are your favorite ways to boost immunity?

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  1. Megan says:

    Have you ever tried honey for a cough? We make “honey tea” (hot water with lots of honey) for my son when he has a cough. Seems to help.

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