Thank you for your prayers!

A few people have asked about my grampa, and I wanted to pass on that I hear he is doing well. They sent him home from the surgery the next day and he is recovering there. I have not talked to them directly because every time I have a chance, it is something like 10 PM and that is not a great time to call someone who needs a lot of rest. Mom might be able to post some comments to this post for readers regarding the most recent recovery news. Thank you for your ongoing prayers, I see them working for sure! Feel better soon, Grampa!

One thought on “Thank you for your prayers!

  1. donnale says:

    Sorry I haven’t updated sooner–life doesn’t get any crazier as the years go by! anyway, Jen’s gpa is OK, not great–he’s continually quite tired, it seems. her gma has gotten good reports so far from her doc and that is a blessing that she can keep going. Jen’s aunt and uncle were able to stay overnight with them and feel they are OK at this point on their own, as I know they would much prefer to be. so God’s grace continues in this situation, as it would even if things weren’t so “good”!

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