Spare room

The spare room has always been a little weird for us. We primarily use it for an office, but sometimes when people visit overnight they use it as a bedroom. We have never owned a real bed for it, but just blow up the queen size AeroBed mattress. We did combine our two separate filing cabinets (from before we were married) into a single drawer-style which looks a little more like a bureau than a filing cabinet and purchased a simple and streamlined desk for the room.

But, we were still inflating and deflating the air mattress. I had moved my desk into the room when the bed wasn’t out, but what I really wanted was somewhere I could sit and read comfortably while Christian worked at the desk in the evenings, and which could also be used for a bed when guests visit. So, when my friend told me she was getting rid of a daybed, we were excited to take it for free! I spray painted it black to go with the rest of the room and bought a grey custom daybed cover for it. Here is the end result so far:
And here is a shot of the trundle bed and linens under the daybed cover – when the trundle is up and pushed against the daybed it makes a king size bed:
I do think we need some nice bright pillows for it, although I am struggling to decide what color of pillows. Any ideas?
Maybe one day the room will have a few more accent pieces like art or something. For now, I am really enjoying it as a type of couch to read on while Christian is working.