The economy and the radio

In case you haven’t heard, apparently the economy is in the toilet. One of the things I had to become accustomed to when I married my sweet husband was constant NPR. I’ve really gotten to like a lot of the shows – Morning Edition, Fresh Air, Marketplace, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, A Prairie Home Companion, and CarTalk are some of my favorites. However, with the onset of this economy trouble, I found that listening to the constant reports of how everything is going to crash, we are all going to go broke, no one knows what to do about it, really had me in a constant state of worry. I was seriously thinking about investing in gold dubloons. I don’t even know if that is spelled right! Craziness!
Since I realize there is no action we can actually take to change anything in the economy, I had to take some action of my own. I had to cut off listening to KERA altogether. I asked that we be allowed to change our clock radio from NPR, where had been since we were first married, to the Christian radio station so that I could hear a positive message when I wake up. I am listening to either that station or the local Mix station in the car. I listen to the iPhone or Pandora when I’m at work. I’ve also been listening to podcasts from Walk In The Word by James McDonald or MidDay Connection by Moody Bible Institute. I highly recommend both those podcasts for anyone who needs a little encouragement these days! You can find them both in iTunes by searching.

One thought on “The economy and the radio

  1. Holly says:

    I like James McDonald a lot. He is not afraid to speak truth and he does it so well! I am glad you are finding encouragment in your daily walk!!

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