Taking care of kitties

I am a little discouraged that none of our friends were willing to come by either Friday or Saturday and refill the automatic feeders for our kitties while we are in San Antonio for Thanksgiving.

So, we called a pet sitting service we found on Angie’s list and so far I am very impressed. They assign a sitter to us that will be our sitter every time going forward, so she’ll know what to do. She will come by personally tomorrow to take a look and get instructions. They have a web site that allows us to book their services and record any special instructions. While the sitter is there, she will even clean the littler boxes and take in the mail. And the usual price is only $18/visit! Of course, we are paying more this time because we are booking for a holiday 2 days before the fact, which is our fault. With so many things going on, I just overlooked the fact that we would need someone to visit the cats. I also kind of thought someone in our community would volunteer, since so many of them are here in town for the holiday. But, whatever. I think this will be good to have going forward.

One thought on “Taking care of kitties

  1. Elizabeth Wickland says:

    I’m so sorry you couldn’t get a friend to stop by and feed your kitties! I would have done it for you (if it weren’t for the fact that I am in Montana and that’s just a bit of a drive for me…)

    We feed our neighbor’s dog all the time when they are out of town. I would hate for them to have to get a sitting service because we weren’t willing to go over and put out the food!

    But I’m glad you found a service you are happy with. Hopefully you will continue to find them favorable.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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