How is the job going?

A question I will be getting a lot and have been getting.
It’s always so hard to say in the first weeks or even months of a new job. Mostly because it’s hard to know what it is that you don’t know for quite some time. I’m no stranger to changing jobs, so at this point in a new venture I typically just do a lot of praying and asking for help and listening so that I can feel out the environment. I think it takes about 6 months to know if you like a new job. In the case of my last job, it took about a year.

But I can say that the nature of the work here is very different from what I was doing at the AHA and I really like that. I think the uniformity of the work that comes down the pipeline is awesome.

I do not miss the marketing and consulting I have had in my previous job descriptions. Man, I hated trying to explain things to people who are ignorant and/or indifferent and then try to convince them not to abuse the technology once they grasp the vague concept. That was really wearing me down. Especially because it never worked.