Work between vacations

The rest of the weekend between jobs was good – we camped at Enchanted Rock for 2 nights.

On our way back from South Texas, we got a call that Christian would be flying out to Philadelphia at 6 AM the next morning for work. He was there all last week, came home late Friday night and flew out again tonight…well, is waiting at the DFW airport right now. He should get in around 1:30 AM. They are letting him fly back Tuesday so that he can drive with me to San Antonio Wednesday evening. After Thanksgiving, he’ll be back in PA for at least another week. Please do pray that it is only one more week. I hope it is not extended.

I miss him, but tonight things are even weirder because our neighbor in the other half of our duplex let us know that on Friday night someone tried to break into her house, while she was home. It seems like it was not a very well thought-out break-in, because he tried to crawl in one of her windows that is open to the alleyway that is shared by all the houses in our corner of the neighborhood a little before 7 PM, which is right when everyone is coming home from work. She had one of those stoppers on the window and he was having trouble getting in when she saw him and when he saw her, he fell back out. She was so shaken she didn’t call the police until the next morning after she talked to us. They came out and filed a report. I think that means they’ll be monitoring more over here.

So, I think I might get a little scared at night. But I am sure it will be fine. It’s only 2 nights!