Recently Vanessa at Random Ramblings posted a pic and inventory of her refrigerator, and I thought it was a good idea so here is mine:

As you can see, it’s pretty full, and this was taken while I was cooking dinner so it doesn’t include that night’s leftovers. Here are just a few items that are in there:

  • A bottle of jasmine water to spray on my face when it’s hot.
  • Tuna for the cats. They are spoiled, they have tuna for dinner every day.
  • Organic butter
  • Organic fat-free plain yogurt (I mix this with the blueberries)
  • Spicy V8 – I like to drink this and pretend it is a Bloody Mary. Only 3 more months and I can drink a real one!
  • Organic blueberries, organic bing cherries
  • Leftover pudding cups from the eclair I made myself on Tuesday night
  • Cheese bin – right now we have romano, cheddar, Babybel, and string cheeeses
  • Half a seedless watermelon – I ate the other half today all by myself, in an effort to cleanse my system because I have a prenatal weigh-in today. I live in mortal fear of getting in trouble for gaining too much.
  • Bottles of soda Christian made with our SodaStream, flavored with organic grapefruit and lemon juices, also on the second shelf – they taste just like Fresca!
  • Salmon for bagels and lox in the mornings.
  • Tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market that I put in an old container
  • You can barely see a decorative bottle in the very back of the second shelf which contains magical Pure Water from the Pure Water Temple in Japan when we visited in 2008.
  • Bottom shelf is almost all breads – sprouted grains bread, sprouted grain pitas, whole wheat bagels
  • I always have at least 2 containers of eggs. I eat eggs like crazy!
  • Veggie bin – yellow & green squashes, lettuce, garlic, new potatoes, onions…possibly some bell peppers?
  • Fruit bin – tons of peaches right now, apples, oranges, a lonely plum

Well, that’s about it for my fridge…it looks really boring now that I read it all. But at least it gave me something to post! Now, post yours on your blog!

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