HerbMart: discovered a new store!

I’d never paid much attention to the small storefront next to the Target in Medallion Center right down the road from our house, until one day Christian stopped there on his way back from somewhere on the scooter (it’s so much easier to discover new places on the scooter…wish I could still ride it!).

It’s a little place called HerbMart, and apparently they have 3 locations in DFW. I’ve never seen the other two stores, so I don’t know if they are anything like ours, but the storefront is humble and can be easily missed. But my suggestion would be: don’t miss it!!

They have a great selection of supplements, green/natural/organic health and beauty products, and green/natural/organic cleaning products, of course. But they also have food!! Lots of specialty, organic, gluten free, vegetarian/vegan products including several large freezers with meats and breads. The prices are actually better than even Whole Foods’ 365 brand, or the versions I get at local grocery stores. For example, Moru-Nu tofu usually costs around $2.69 at Kroger ($3.69 at Tom Thumb – when they even have it, which is NOT often at TT) but $1.69 at HerbMart! I am definitely getting tofu at HerbMart in the future. They also have great prices on organic jams without added sugar. Those are the two items I purchased this week. In the past we have purchase bags of Xylitol for Christian’s soda-making adventures, sugar free organic cookies, quinoa (again, much cheaper than the grocery stores), Amy’s microwave meals, tea tree oil for cleaning, and green/biodegradeable dish detergent.

As mentioned on their web site, there are more products in the store than are listed on the web site. So I say, check it out, if there is one near you!