R.I.P. Melitta Coffee Machine 1996 – 2008

I knew this day would come but I still wasn’t ready. The 4 cup coffee machine I have been using for the last 12 years finally broke last night. I got it with a Gevalia order when I was 18. It is the perfect size because I lived alone for so many years and even now that I’m married, my husband does not drink coffee so it makes the perfect size of 1-2 large cups (even though it is called a 4 cup machine…these 4 people, they must have tiny cups).

I was very sad when the piece came off the carafe, but I have known for a long time that when the carafe broke, that would be the end of the machine. The filter basket fits directly onto the carafe so there really isn’t any replacing it. I did look on eBay for similar machines but they are understandably old and not in great shape either.
In the past, as I considered the inevitable and eventual demise of the coffee machine, I must say that I was looking forward to it breaking so that I could get a programmable machine that would have the coffee ready when I got up in the morning. Also, wanting to be more green and kill fewer trees, I have wanted to get one of those permanent coffee filters but since I knew the coffee machine might die any day, I didn’t want to invest the money.
It looks like now is the time for a new programmable coffee machine with permanent filter. Christian is intent on selecting one for me that has great design, so it won’t be my search, it will be his.
But let us take a moment to mourn the passing of the wonderful green coffee machine. 
It had a long and good life. I will miss it!

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