How Lame Am I?

Answer these questions in a way that shows how lame you are. If you fill out the questions with things that will actually make you look cooler (such as answering “what is the lamest CD you own” with “Mozart” which is NOT lame), YOU LOSE. In that case, you are not lame, you are someone trying to pose as something they are not. That is a different quiz.

Pass this on to your friends who are not as lame as you be sure to include the person who sent this to you.

  1. What time do you go to bed? Every day at 10 PM I get very sleepy because that is my bed time
  2. When you are presented with a few free hours, what is your first impulse to do? I am so lame that most of the time when I have nothing to do I clean the house. Or I read Real Simple magazine, which is often about ways to clean and organize the house.
  3. Do you have free time frequently? Is it intentional? I have more free time now than I did before I became lame. When I was less lame, I had lots of activities. I had to get rid of those activities because they interfered with my bedtime.
  4. Have you ever spent an evening alone because your spouse/significant other was doing something and you could not think of anyone to call or anything to do? Um yes. I believe this happened last week.
  5. What magazines do you subscribe to? Real Simple and Glamour.
  6. What is the lamest thing you have watched on TV because you were bored and couldn’t find anyone to hang out? My husband and I have actually watched the live feed of a local cable channel that broadcasts some kind of weird church service where the people walk around and around in circles singing a sort of chant and sometimes they will leap. We have watched this for long, long periods of time. They have this live feed going on pretty much constantly.
  7. What is the longest you have owned one item of clothing? 11 years
  8. What was that item of clothing? In 2007 I threw away a shirt I wore in 1996 in the homecoming parade. It still fit great and was in pretty good shape, I just felt bad that I still owned it so I threw it away.
  9. What song do you enjoy that comes on the radio, but are too embarrassed to admit? I listen to NPR instead of “real” radio. I don’t know what the kids are listening to these days. But I do love Terry Gross.
  10. What is the lamest movie that you own? I am so lame that I owned only one DVD when we got married, which was the DVD of Scott Miles’ independent film, “Dead Flesh”. But at the current time I own “13 Going On 30”. You cannot tell me that is not lame.
  11. What is the lamest book that you own? I have a bookshelf that covers one entire wall and I can’t think of anything that is in it except “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden” which is a book about a 16 year old girl who goes insane. I actually love that book.
  12. What is the lamest CD or single song from iTunes that you own? Kidz Bop singing “Summertime Girls” or the Space Ghost Musical BBQ album.
  13. Have you ever gone to a movie alone because it was so lame you could not find anyone to go with you? If yes, what was that movie? The movies I have wanted to see that are lame, I am too chicken to see by myself because I know the movie theater would be filled with teenagers and I don’t understand the kids these days. I wish they would just get off my lawn.
  14. When you fill out something that asks you to list your hobbies, what do you put? Cooking, cleaning, reading and then I can’t think of anything else. Then I realize those aren’t hobbies, those are errands.
  15. If you have a little extra money, what lame item do you buy? I often buy food.
  16. What do you consider “sleeping in” on the weekends? 8 AM is the latest I can stay asleep. My body wakes me up at 6 AM every day no matter what. I can’t stop it.
  17. What is the lamest thing you have really looked forward to? How long were you looking forward to it? If I know that we are going to have cake at work, I will look forward to that for weeks. If I accidentally do not come in to work that day I am very sad.
  18. Is there a particular office supply that you are excited to own, or one that you really, really want but haven’t got yet? I love my red Swingline stapler and I have taken it to every job I have had since I got it when I graduate college. I am not kidding. I really have one.
  19. If you had an extra $100 what kind of lame thing would you spend it on? This is just like #15 and I am too lame to have further options.
  20. Name 2 lame facts that no one cares about or may even understand. 1) There are no annelids in Madagascar. 2) Mystery Science Theater 3000 the Movie is now out in DVD.

One thought on “How Lame Am I?

  1. melsutton says:

    you really didn’t sound too lame until the kidz bop cd. shameful, bradford. SHAMEFUL.

    don’t worry, i still rock out to old school christian artists ray boltz and sandi patty. i don’t expect you to know who they are…because i’m that lame.

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