He is a busy man

In addition to preparing for the Echo Conference last week, my husband was also developing a web site for my brother’s coffee shop in Longview, Texas:
Mugshot Coffee House
Take a look!

You might think it is simple or basic right now, but if we all knew more about front-end accessibility and web standardized code, we would be able to look at the code and say the following:

WOW! this is possibly the most extensible and cross-browser compatible site utilizing CSS that I have ever seen! Check out the HCard markup on the address and the image replacement. Sweet.”*

In related news, Mugshot should be opening the week of September 15-20! Check it out if you are in the area! We plan to be there at some point!

* EDITED: Christian checked the way that I originally wrote this and laughed so hard he curled up in a ball for 5 minutes. He would not stop laughing long enough to tell me what I said wrong here, except for one phrase, which I have changed. So I may have described this incorrectly.

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