Echo Conference

As some of ya’ll know, Christian got the chance to be a co-presenter today with his friend Nathan Smith (of GodBit and Viewzi) at Echo Conference, a conference for church media folks. Because it was here in Dallas, Olga and I (the wives) got to attend! The guys did great! They must have, because I could understand about 80% of what they said! 

Here are some pics I took with the iPhone. Sorry for the poor quality.

This conference was also hosted at Watermark and I want to note that I am always freezing to death in both the meeting areas in the tower and in the main auditorium. Yesterday I bought a portable digital thermometer and you will be hearing more from me and this thermometer regarding how overly-air conditioned places here in Dallas are. But this is my first real proof that I am not crazy. This is a shot of how cold it was in the meeting area where they presented:

Yes, that says 69.3 degrees Farenheit. It actually got even colder, it got down to 68.3 degrees where Olga and I were sitting.