Pushing products

I just wanted to publish a quick post letting anyone who is still reading (anyone? anyone? *crickets chirping*) that I realize I’ve been reviewing quite a few products and services lately.

I would apologize for that but, honestly, I’ve been looking for these particular products and services for a long time now and had until lately been unable to find anything that I felt good about spending my money on and using in my home or on my body. It’s true that in the past I’ve made things like body sugar for hair removal and my own “green” version of the Swiffer. But I think it’s even better when a company comes out with a conscientious product that I can buy ready-made and support industry that is really thinking about the earth, our health, or sustainability. I want to support those efforts!

If you’ve seen Food, Inc. you might remember at the end where the farmer says that if the consumer demands a certain amount of accountability, the marketplace will deliver. I believe in that!

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