Our Secret Santas

Last night I was washing up bottles and sippys downstairs while Christian was bathing Little Sir upstairs. Little Lady had a really drippy nose and hasn’t felt well for a few days so she was already asleep. I guess it was around 8pm-ish when the doorbell rang! It startled me a little because it was so dark outside. When I went to the door, there was no one there but there was this big red box with a gold bow!

Box from our Secret Santas
Imagine this is on our doorstep, I didn’t take a picture until it was already inside

I looked up and down the street but didn’t see any cars. It was pretty cold, though, so I didn’t try too hard. I figured if they wanted me to catch them they wouldn’t have left. Christian said, “What if it is full of bees?!”. I can only assume he watches some kind of weird killer bee movies on TV after I go to bed at night.

I brought it inside and once Little Sir finished his bath, we let him help us open it. Inside the box was a note that said, “The Bradford Family: Have yourself a Merry little Christmas in your new home. PS Open the boxes now 🙂 You may need what is inside when you do pictures with Santa. Love, Secret Santas“. There was also a Sprouts gift card (a local supermarket that I really like, right near our house, it carries a lot of nice natural and organic stuff often cheaper than Whole Foods). There was even a little envelope with some extra cash that said, “For a picture with Santa? Or maybe just for baking cookies 🙂 Your call.“. I am DEFINITELY going to do one or both of those things.

Here is a list of the things inside the box: a Christmas dress for Little Lady, a Christmas shirt for Little Sir, a doll for Little Lady (I am so excited about this! I wish she had been awake! I should wait until Christmas to give it to her, though!!), a Melissa ‘&’ Doug musical set, a Melissa ‘&’ Doug pizza set, a set of crayons and coloring pad, and the rest of the greeting cards that the note was written on.
What was in the box
Since Little Sir was with us when we opened it, we did let him open up the pizza. However, he will most likely forget the crayons and coloring pad so I am going to wrap those up to put under the tree for Christmas. IF we are lucky and he forgot about the musical instruments, I am going to wrap those up too. He has a scary good memory sometimes, though! It’s OK because I have some BlogHer swag left over that I was going to wrap up for him but I didn’t have anything for Little Lady.

I feel like we are so blessed by our friends. Maybe I will find out who it was, or maybe not. I am almost sure it is someone we know from church. Which does not narrow things down at all since most of our good friends go to Watermark. Still, I believe this is a God thing. He knows what we need and what we want and He works through others. It is humbling to think that we would be recipients when there are so many other more needy families out there. But I also know that we have done similar things for our friends in the past and how much we loved to be able to do things for them. And we look forward to being able to do it again! It is a great big circle of giving and sharing and that is how it should be in a family.

So, to whoever you guys are: we love you, and thank you for loving us! We are so thankful and excited! I am loving the Sprouts gift card too, because it turns out I will be cooking Christmas dinner on Christmas Day so it will come in handy! Thank you!!
{See the YouTube video of us opening the box here – it’s over 6 minutes long, so beware}

Merry Christmas, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Our Secret Santas

  1. nicole_asmanyasgiven says:

    I love this! Totally teared up reading it. What a blessing! We have received anonymous gifts before, mostly cash, when we needed it most. So humbling. I can’t wait to do this for others.

  2. Merritt | LiveSimplyLove says:

    I loved this! I just finished reading Acts 2:42-47 this morning about the fellowship of believers in the early church and how they provided for one another’s needs. What a sweet picture of that biblical truth for you guys! (And wow! Now that I’m watching the video of you guys opening it, that’s a much bigger box than it seemed in the picture!) Love sweet provision from God and friends!

  3. greychr says:

    Thank you, Secret Santas, whomever you are! We should have thanked you on-camera, but we went long.

    Again, thank you very much! We appreciate your generosity!

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