Old skool meme: what’s in my bag

Does anyone else remember the early days of Flickr when everyone started posting pictures of “What’s in your bag” because you can tag Flickr photos? I think I might have done that at the time but I can’t recall.

Anyway, I recently found an insanely great deal on the Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote at PoshTots.com – the bag I have been drooling over since before I had Little Sir, and I got it!

As I was transferring all my junk from the $14 Target tote bag I’ve been using as a diaper bag for the last 14 months into this amazing new bag, I thought it was funny the odd mix of things I had in my bag and had to take a picture. Either fortunately or unfortunately, this was a day when I had been at work all day so I didn’t have most of the usual diaper bag stuff in the bag – I had left that with the nanny, who takes Little Sir out during the day with our extra (real) diaper bag. But it’s funny that some of his stuff still made it into my bag.

Here it is, my life in a bag (click on the picture to see the notations on Flickr).
What's in my bag?
NOTE: You might be wondering “where is your iPhone?”. The answer to that is: IT NEVER LEAVES MY PERSON. I don’t even leave it in my purse unless I am carrying my purse with me somewhere. If I am at home it is either in my pocket or within my eye sight where I can see and hear it.
I know, I know… it’s some kind of sickness…

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