New Flower Farmer’s Market attacked by Natural Grocer

It’s been a few months since New Flower Farmer’s Market came to Dallas, and although I went on the second day it was open, I never got around to blogging about it because I was still in my first trimester and soooo tired all the time. Colleen reminded me recently, and at first I couldn’t really come up with any reason that this should be interesting to anyone, and then this morning – a scandal! Ooo!

Here’s the story about New Flower. New Flower is known as Sun Flower in other states, but I guess there is some kind of trademark issue in Dallas or Texas or something, so it’s New Flower here. Their motto is “Serious Food…Silly Prices”. When I first heard about it from someone else, it was described as “a Whole Foods with the prices of a regular supermarket” (oh, Whole Paycheck, no one can be you) .

This is not an entirely accurate description, and is not something claimed by New Flower anywhere in their marketing material. The first time I visited, I was indeed impressed by the number of store-brand organic items they carried, and like all store brands, they were indeed low cost. They carried some canned and frozen organic items at great prices, and they have an impressive dried goods area that has a lot of mixes with recipes that make easy vegetarian soups and even veggie burgers, which are also extremely cost effective. WF has the dried goods area, but doesn’t have mixes per se, you have to know how to use those dried things and I usually don’t. I would say that New Flower occasionally also has some organic and natural produce, but most of their produce is actually conventional, meaning that it’s not necessarily organic or local. When they do have organic, the prices are good, but nothing extraordinary. I enjoy going there because I know that when I do buy grocery items that are not on my list, they won’t be expensive items, because it’s priced as a regular grocery store.

Here is where the controversy comes in. I have been following another store, Natural Grocer by Vitamin Cottage, on Twitter because they have a truly awesome store in Plano which I have visited once. My friend told me about it, and I would love to go more regularly but, like Costco, I would have to drive around 40 minutes just to get there (and then 40 minutes back), and I just can’t swing that on a weekly, or even monthly, basis. Natural Grocer is hardcore natural/organic/green. It is in all their marketing material and can be seen in the products in their stores, which are all natural or organic.

So this morning, Natural Grocer starts bashing NewFlower on Twitter. Here are some of their Tweets:

  • New Flower / Sun Flower markets sales flyer: “natural” meats 7 out of 15 items. Grass fed meats = zero out of 15 items.
  • New Flower / Sun Flower markets sales flyer: “natural” grocery items = 5 or about 5%.
  • New Flower / Sun Flower markets sales flyer: 22 fruits and vegetables on sale, only 6 are organic.
  • New Flower / Sun Flower markets sales flyer: 100 products, only 6 are organic.

Does Natural Grocer really feel that threatened by NewFlower? Are they just bored and have nothing else to do but analyze other people’s ads and then bash them?

And mostly, do they not realize that New Flower is not a store claiming to be natural or organic?

It’s in Flash so I can’t requote, but here is New Flower’s “About Us” statement from their web site. Nowhere do they claim to be natural or organic all the time, or even most of the time. It is just a regular grocery store that happens to carry some good organic and natural brands. Like Tom Thumb and their “O Organics” brand. Or Kroger and their “Naturally Preferred” brand.

I like New Flower, and I go there when I can. Especially for dried goods or frozen or canned organics. I would recommend visiting if you are nearby!

But I am thinking the 40 minute drive to Natural Grocer just might not be worth it. I don’t feel good about giving my money to a company that’s OK with that kind of attack tactic on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “New Flower Farmer’s Market attacked by Natural Grocer

  1. Carrie says:

    Hi Jenny, I totally agree with you.

    Recently I told this guy I was selling Mary Kay and he was like, “Ugh, I wish I had known, I have a business blah, blah, blah and we sell Make-Up and you should have signed up with me” then he went on to bash Mary Kay. I thought, “If you had spent the same energy selling me on your product as you did bashing something else I am already doing then I might have signed up with you, but now, I don’t like you and your negativity, so no thanks.”

    That is how I feel about this Natural Grocer and their mean-ness – No Thanks.

    Also, who did your site design? It’s fantastic.

  2. Eddo says:

    Dang it. That last comment was from Me. I was signed in under a clients login by accident. But I bet Carrie would like your site too!

  3. chirky says:

    I saw a New Flower for the first time when I was driving around recently, but I have no idea where I was when I was driving.

    Also, I have never heard of Natural Grocer. But I agree with you about their tactics and how much of a turn-off that is.

    Maybe you should @ them on Twitter and link to this entry. OR MAYBE WE ALL SHOULD.

  4. Anonymous says: writes that she shops at Sunflower for their “organic meats”. That would lead one to believe that SF is creating, well, conscientious confusion about the meat the sell, which may be given antiobiotics, hormomones and grain before slaughter. Not organic. Shouldn’t Lena know what she is eating?

  5. Christian says:

    New Flower has the BEST SUSHI in DALLAS, no joke. You will not want to go out for sushi ever again and the employees are super nice. I also like the size of New Flower in that you don’t have to spend two hours there trying to find basic things.

  6. ONHOLiDAY says:

    The reason why they are attacking New Flower Farmer’s Market is because there is a stigma with the phrase “farmer’s market” in that it is natural/organic. I had this misconception when I first heard about it. To my dismay, they indeed do not claim to be natural, which doesn’t set it apart from any other regular grocer out there. I am strongly against the food industry’s method of raising farm animals(corn-fed, overpopulated, over-use of antibiotics, etc), so this is important to me. The “bashing” isn’t for the masses; it’s for the people who actually do care about where their beef comes from like me.

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