My niece!!

Well, we turned right around and didn’t go camping this weekend since my niece was born. We got to Longview just in time to get to hold her after she was washed!!

We actually have some much bigger and better pictures that Chr needs to upload to his Flickr soon. So we will do that and I will link to them.

She is super beautiful – she has slender fingers that everyone says means she will be able to play the piano. She does this funny thing where she opens only one eye and looks around like Popeye. But, I don’t want to steal my brother’s thunder – he can tell you about it on his blog! But I do need to say this: my sister-in-law delivered without an epidural, naturally. I have to brag on that and also be in fear because the bar has now been set!!! I am so proud of her and of my brother!!