I discover the neti pot on the same day we get a Wii

Two fun things!

First, my friend told me about this amazing thing called a Neti Pot.

neti pot and sample spoon
photo via Flickr user Angela Archer

Apparently it has been on Oprah but I am never home during the day so I wouldn’t know about that. All I know is that I had a terrible allergy sinus headache all day yesterday and it really impaired my ability to do anything. She told me about this thing that washes out your sinuses and I literally drove straight to Whole Foods and bought it. It is SO AMAZING! My sinuses felt better right away and I did it again this morning – so far no headache! You have to check out this video that shows how to use it. OK so I did not do the weird yoga bends afterward but it worked great anyway!

Secondly, while I was discovering this amazing thing, Christian was playing with our new Nintendo Wii. We have been saving for it for a while now – it’s his birthday money from last year – but just now bought it. I didn’t get to play it much last night because I was at CR and afterward was busy pouring water through my nasal cavities. However, you do get to name your Wii when you first log on, and I was so in love with the Neti pot at the moment that Christian named ours “NetiWii”. Isn’t that sweet? I think it is!

Thank you for commenting about the housing! We did take a look at some townhome type apartments this weekend and were all ready to fill out an application and talk to our community about it, when we took a look at our budget. Then we realized that we need to stay the course where we are for a few more months. It made me really sad, because now I really want to have people over to play our Wii, but we have a goal of paying off debt and we need to reach that before we can make any housing changes. The good news is, we were able to shorten the length of time that will take, so we are hoping to be in the position to look at new places again at the end of the year. Feel free to send any good info our way between now and then!