Merry Christmas!

Our family is excited about celebrating Christmas here at home, hosting our various family members and celebrating the amazing Christmas miracles we’ve been blessed with. Since our original Secret Santas and Christmas miracle, a second Secret Santa has also visited us with more gifts for the kids. We are humbled and blessed. There are lots of gifts under the tree for our kids, despite the fact that we didn’t spend anything. We are thankful for the blessings that have been provided for us. It does make me wonder about why I don’t hear these Santas coming and going outside my house, though!

One thing I love about not traveling on Christmas Eve is that we get to attend services at Watermark (our church). Little Lady is currently running a fever from either teething or a cold, so we couldn’t put her in childcare. Rather than be discouraged, as I have in the past, we decided to just bring her in and sit way up high in the upper level. She enjoyed hanging onto the rail (very secure, don’t worry!) for a while and then took a nice little nap while Todd spoke.

Finn at Christmas Eve service
You might remember that our first Secret Santas gave us some cash to go see Santa Claus in the beautiful outfits they gave the children. We went to see Santa at A Real Bookstore in Allen a few weeks ago, and here’s the picture:

Santa 2011
Thank you to our Secret Santas, who are “the hands and feet” of the God that we are celebrating!
I feel like this has been the least hectic and the most meaningful Christmas that I can remember. I hope that we can continue to take this spirit of humility and peace into future Christmas seasons and teach it to our children.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thank you for following along with our journey!

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