Me and plastic

This weekend, Little Lady smashed yet another glass dish by grabbing it suddenly from a distance I didn’t think she could reach, and dropping it onto the tile kitchen floor. It’s the second one in the last 2 weeks. You might say, “Jenny, you have two children under two – what are you doing with glass ANYTHING?”.

I am trying to protect my kids from the evil toxins in every plastic, that’s what! Nevermind that glass is becoming increasingly perilous. I am consumed by guilt every time I read about other moms who have gone plastic-free. I can just FEEL the hard-to-pronounce death-chemicals leeching into my kids’ food from anything that contains plastic. It’s going to make them all stupid in the head or give them some kind of horrible disease or something. I realize that.

But I will be honest with you. I am nowhere near giving up plastic.

You might have noticed that my bento boxes are plastic. There are stainless steel ones available, but they start at $12 apiece for the smallest possible size. Yeah.

Baby bottles. I found out that you can buy stainless steel ones, but neither of my children have taken anything but the Born Free (or Tommee Tippee) bottles, which are BPA-free plastic.

Ziploc bags. I use them. I have some great Snack Taxi cloth nylon bags that I love but again… $5-$8 apiece. Unfortunately, you can’t use them to freeze things because they aren’t airtight. How do people freeze things without ziplock bags? And don’t tell me glass tupperware, because that is way too expensive for me to fill my entire freezer.

I am working on slowly transitioning from plastic tupperware to glass, I wrote about it in one of my Friday posts. Again, not cheap, so it will take time.

You know what I would LOVE? These Kidishes by zoƩ b organic.
Check out this video!

Not really in the budget right now for me, but if they are in your budget, please let me know how you like them!

So…yes, plastic is probably bad.

But, every time I have to lock the kids in the living room while I painstakingly sweep, swiffer, and then mop the floor to get rid of any possible glass shards in the kitchen… I rethink the “evils” of plastic.

How about you?