Cloth diaper Thurs: KaWaii Baby

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This is the last week of Cloth Diaper Thursday, as I have run out of new diapers to review. We take you back to you regularly unscheduled Thursdays starting next week!
Kawaii One-Size Cross-Over Squared Tab Snap

My first impression of this diaper is that it is almost exactly like the BumGenius 3.0 One-Size pocket diaper in design. Same insert, same shape, same elastic configuration, same snaps. (It’s not necessarily comparable to the BumGenius 4.0’s available now, because the 4.0’s have additional features that the KaWaii doesn’t have).

Things that are different from BG:

  • inside fabric is softer
  • the PUL seems “looser”, not as tightly woven as BG
  • fit might be a bit bigger

Because of the softer fabric inside and the looser PUL, unsnapping the snaps stretches the fabric quite a bit – to the point where I am afraid the snaps might actually pop off eventually. However, there’s no way to know if that would really happen.

As for performance, this diaper works great! No leaks to complain of, and the poo stains bleached right out in the sun, just like BG. Because the fit is looser, I have tried this diaper only on my toddler so far, not the baby.

I’d recommend it as a great lower-cost alternative to buying used BumGenius.

Update as of 9/2012: The “loose-ness” of the outer shell of this diaper did prove to be it’s undoing. Somewhere around July of this year, the snaps popped right out of the fabric. Before then, the stitching of the diaper had already started to unravel in several places. The total life of this diaper was less than one year, and that was only on one baby. By comparison, my BumGenius diapers lasted a total of 3 years, one of those years diapering two babies simultaneously. While this diaper looks like a BG, don’t be fooled. It is not the same. I recommend spending the extra $2 and getting a higher quality diaper.

Revised 9/2012:
Rating: 3 out of 5

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  1. courtney says:

    Hey Jenny. We are wanting to use cloth diapers with our newborn. Looking for the most simple diaper (assembly and cleaning). Which do you recommend? Hope all is well with you and your sweet little ones! Thank you for your help.
    Courtney (
    Ps. Henry says hi to Asher! Miss you all!

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