It’s (organic) gardening time again!

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I think we’ve seen the last of our 16 degree days here in Dallas, and just this week one of our chickens started laying again! I’m so excited to be doing yoga outside and cleaning the chicken coop (ok, maybe not the coop…), that I’ve also forgotten my past failures and I’m gearing up to start another organic garden.
In fact, I’ve already planted some seeds in biodegradeable seed cups. I have actually been keeping them in our downstairs bathroom because it’s the only window with a wide ledge inaccessible to children and the cat. Classy. The seedlings need to be watered several times a day to stay moist, so at least it is convenient!
This weekend, we went on a road trip. We had the cat’s autofeeder on, a weekend tablet for the fish, and plenty of food for the chickens. But the seedlings needed constant watering. So we took them with us!
Taking our organic seedlings with us!
You don’t pack your seedlings with your beach towels and cooler, too?
What am I planting? Right now, the seedling cups contain:
bell peppers
I have more seeds for growing kale, swiss chard, and dill which will be planted directly into the ground as soon as I’m sure it won’t freeze again. There is also a bunch of rooted basil in a cup of water on my windowsill waiting to be transplanted into the ground.
I have this vision of being able to create freshly picked, organic bruschetta from my garden this year, on my own homemade bread. Yum!
Of course, it’s very important for me to keep my garden organic. Organic veggies are expensive, so if I can grow even a few, it is a great savings. And what could be more yummy than fresh organic veggies? The raised bed we built two years ago is low on soil, so I’m adding additional organic soil this year from Miracle-Gro Organic Choice before transplanting the seedlings. It is easy to find, available at the Home Depot down the street. If you’re looking for it at your local store, here’s what the bag looks like:
Organic Soil photo 72859510_22_zps758b34b4.jpg
If you’re a novice gardener like me, I recommend visiting the Growing Something Greater site, they had a lot of great posts with tips for successful growing.
Is it warming up where you are? Have you starting planting or sprouting indoors?

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19 thoughts on “It’s (organic) gardening time again!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Very cute that you brought your seeds with you! Do you know if this fertilizer has any sewage sludge in it (like many conventional bags do)?

  2. Digital Mom Blog says:

    I need all the help I can get when it comes to gardening! My husband bought seeds and our girl is after us to plant them. I guess we will be giving this gardening thing a try! And yes – FINALLY it’s warming up – if it could just stay this temperature year round, life would be perfect.

  3. Carrie says:

    Thanks for this info – hubby and I are going to try to make an organic herb garden and we need to get on it if it’s going to happen! Thanks for the reminder and the helpful info!

  4. Shannon Schmid says:

    Oh how cute are you bringing the seedlings with you! And thanks for the info on the organic garden soil – I never even thought of that. But it makes so much sense for growing organic food!

  5. Gena says:

    You’re on the ball! I still need to get some pepper seedlings started. And I hear you about having to use random places to keep your seedlings because that’s the only place that is free from children hands. 🙂

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