IG post: Satya

I’m experimenting with something today (and for the next week or so). I notice that I haven’t been posting to my blog as often as I should, but  I post what amounts to mini blog posts on Instagram regularly. I can’t seem to find a way to automate the transfer of those posts into WordPress, but for now I’d like to try simultaneously posting the more thoughtful posts here.


Here is one from earlier this week. It’s part of a yoga daily challenge, which is where I find a lot of inspiration and attempt to pass it on!

#IndependenceARMy Dolphin Plank. Honestly, I didn’t feel strong today. After taking a 3 & 4 year old clothes shopping without success, I was drained. But I had a convo with a friend at the pool about how some days we feel strong & some days we don’t. The yoga yama for that is Satya, or honesty even to yourself.

Added: being honest with yourself (Satya) in fitness includes both recognizing your limitations and taking it easy (which is difficult for me!) and also realizing when you are strong enough to take the next step forward, push yourself more.