I am also lame

I would like to echo the thought posted by TRS on one of my favorite blogs, Single Solitary Things.

I, too, have been lame and have not posted in a while. I am sorry about this. I wish I could give you some kind of major reason, but I am actually healthy and doing well right now. I just haven’t had much of interest to say.

If it works as an excuse, I went to Massage Envy a few weeks back and the masseuse there suggested that my habit of sleeping on my stomach/face with my arms above my head is contributing to my neck problems. Therefore, I have been trying to teach myself to sleep on my side or back (mostly side). I believe my friend Jes has addressed the difficulties of side sleeping in two different posts (Post 1 and Post 2) on her blog as well. It is not easy! I have been waking up every few hours for many nights. This makes me tired and lazy during the day. So there you go, my excuse. And I have given you two new blogs to read, so go do that while I try and think of something interesting to say…

2 thoughts on “I am also lame

  1. TRS says:

    Hello fellow Lame-o!

    I sleep on my stomach too, with my arms hugging my pillow. I also have major muscle issues in my shoulders. Hmmm.

    Tough habit to break. However, that’s how I fall asleep. I usually wake up on my back.

    I think I started the habit in my late teens… I was an insomniac and the tummy position was comforting. Not an insomniac any more. Maybe I should try to change.

    But I’m sick now, so I’m going for comfort.

  2. J says:

    Yes when I get really tired the last few nights…I have caved and slept on my stomach for a while. It was nice! But then I woke up to roll on my side! So crazy…

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