I am working from Crooked Tree Coffee House this morning, and sat down next to what was obviously a job interview for an agency/creative position. A nearly-40, well-groomed business man in a black suit meeting with a young (“I’m 24, I’ll be 25 in April!”) dark haired woman in jeans and calf high boots with a bright scarf. This was the most stereotypical interview for an agency position EVER, it cracked me up.

“We work hard, but we play hard too!”
“I don’t really have a problem working, say, late at night or on Sundays”
“I love it when, you know, we bring in some kegs”
“It’s not a typical 40 hour week, but it’s things like that, we do at work, that make it less like work”

This is my favorite line, from the young woman to the older man:
“Oh, you play in a band?! That is SO COOL!”

Maybe it is my background working for/with/around ad agencies that makes this so funny to me…