Asking you some questions

We work from a queue at work, and when there is nothing in the queue, I often open up a browser window and read things from the ladies at BlogHer. You may have noticed the cute little button in the right column on my site.

I really appreciate the number of opinions and viewpoints on a huge variety of topics that these ladies offer. Most of which I had hardly thought of!

Yesterday I read this article, “Every Day Blogging Tips” by Melanie Nelson. I believe I have read blog-related articles from her before and enjoyed them. She mentioned in her article something that I have avoided so far in my blogging endeavors: asking the readers (you!) a question.

You may have noticed that I really never do this. And when I do, I hardly ever get any response. Now, I realize that 14 whole people read my blog. I know this, because I installed Google Analytic several weeks ago. Either that, or you are all reading this on your feed readers.

Anyway, not asking questions has kind of been a conscious choice for me. There are a few reasons for this, I think:

  • I am not really interested in posting my personal opinions about controversial issues and then argue with people about things we might not agree on
  • Most of the time when I blog, I am musing and I don’t really want feedback
  • Even when I have asked for feedback in the past, no one has answered…so I kind of gave up.

So here, I will do what they said, I will ask this one question: Would you like me to ask questions? And if you do, would you actually answer?

3 thoughts on “Asking you some questions

  1. Elizabeth Wickland says:

    You can ask questions, Jenny… But they should probably be rhetorical questions that it’s okay if nobody ever answers… ;D I am one of those feed-reader people, and I find myself too lazy to click through and open up a new tab to make a comment. It makes me a bad blog reader, I know, but it’s the truth.

    I am much more interested in reading what you have to say than giving you my own input, personally. I have my own blogs for sharing my own input, and I figure people who want to know what I think can just go there. =D

    And the truth is, if I really have something to say, I will comment whether or not you asked me a question. ;D

  2. Meg says:

    I do read your blog, tho I forget how I found it. If you asked a question, I would answer it. However, I do understand not wanting your blog to turn into a CNN chatroom. That’s actually why I moderate comments on my blogs. If it’s slightly argumentative, rude or what have you, I delete the comment. I have no use for it.

    I have enjoyed reading your musings and would not be disappointed if you chose to keep the status quo.

  3. donnale says:

    Sadly, most of the time probably not, as I usually do good to even read your postings once a week! Life is so full as it it! Thanks for asking, tho!

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