Happy Thanksgiving

I started this post from my iPhone at 2AM while waiting to see if
Little Sir was actually asleep so I could go back to my bed and sleep
too. I thought it would be fun to list 10 things I am thankful for.
Wow, so much has changed since this time last year…

1) We are both thankful for Little Sir! That he is healthy and that we
had such a great birth experience.

2) For all the new friends I met this year! We met a few fabulous
couples when going through this pregnancy. And I have met some great
ladies (& men) through participating in DFW Blogger meetup events.

3) Security in spite of the current economy. Not job security really,
although at the moment it appears we might have that too, but I am
thankful that we have had people who have encouraged us to live out
our faith in financial matters throughout our marriage so that we have
no debt and feel prepared if something unexpected happens.

4) Wow, am I only at #4? I feel like the first 3 were such big things.
I am thankful for little things too, like the library! Which has saved
us a ton of money this year.

5) Family, always. Although ours are several hours away, we get to see
everyone pretty frequently, which is nice.

6) That we are still employed!

7) The Birth & Womens Center and their staff!

8) Our community group/church

9) This neighborhood and our neighbors here, they are so nice! Also we
love being so close to the lake.

10) My husband – he is a very patient man and a great father! We will
be celebrating our fourth anniversary in a little less than a month,
and we’ve had all kinds of fun, crazy, difficult and new experiences
so far, I look forward to many more!

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