Green blogger in Dallas – am I alone?

If you’ve met me in real life in my role as a blogger, you might recall that I don’t love being categorized as a “green” blogger, or labeling this a “green” blog.

I fear applying that label to my blog might limit what I can write about. I also don’t feel that it’s an accurate description of what I do, since there are often times that I don’t choose the “green” path. For instance, I know about composting but I don’t do it (that’s an entirely different post).

I recently realized recently that, although I know a lot of green bloggers that I’ll meet up with at BlogHer 2011 in San Diego this year, I actually have never met another green blogger in Dallas.

I know this is a notoriously consumption-oriented area, and that most of the time being “green” is more of a marketing tactic for companies in Dallas than a personal mantra. But I’ve also been to the Plano Green Expo for several years, and I’m a member of a local discussion board for natural living which covers the entire DFW area.

Surely there is at least one other green blogger in this area. Do you know of one?

7 thoughts on “Green blogger in Dallas – am I alone?

  1. Jenny Bradford says:

    Sorry this took so long, Abby, but I just posted a link to your blog on my blog Facebook page as another DFW-area green blogger! Sorry I missed you before – hope we get to meet IRL some time soon!

  2. Andrea G. says:

     I know that there are a few bloggers up there, but I don’t know if any of them are green or not. I know a few of them blog specifically about cloth diapers. 

  3. Vanessa Longman says:

    When I lived in Dallas, I lived a very “green” life, but I didn’t often blog about it.  If I found something new  or a different idea I would share on my blog, but I would say maybe 5% of my blog posts were regarding the green-ness of me. 

  4. abby says:

    me, me, me… 
    I can relate to the issue of labeling yourself as green but I think you do a great job of being mindful even if you’re not 100% green. That is the point anyway, right?  I don’t know if I’d call myself green or not, but I don’t know what category we might fit into.  Lifestyle?  
    Anway, I’m here.  I’m local.

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