Reusable SoftCup for tilted ladies

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Let me warn you, this post is about menstrual supplies!

Still with me? As you might remember from my previous TMI posts about finding products that keep me safe from Toxic Shock Syndrome* during my period, a major obstacle for me is my tilted cervix which makes menstrual cups like the DivaCup impossible. But I have sooo wanted to get in on the reusable cup action despite my tilted cervix. I’d love to be able to ditch tampons altogether. How awesome would it be not to have to worry about carrying supplies around during Happy Fun Week? Instead, you just dump the contents of the cup, wipe it out, put it back in and go – for up to 12 hours!

Well, now I can! Softcup, which has made disposable menstrual cups for years, now makes a Reusable Softcup! I am so excited about this because Softcup has been the only cup I can use with my particular anatomy. Take a look at the Softcup shape:

Note how the “cup” part of SoftCup is made of thin membrane

The Softcup is made of a thin flexible material in the cup, almost like plastic wrap, as opposed to the traditional menstrual cup shape, which is inflexible:

Menstruationstasse (DivaCup) in der Hand
A traditional reusable menstrual cup shape
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As you can imagine, the traditional cone shape doesn’t work well at a 45 degree angle (which is how it sits on my cervix).

The Softcup, however, works great for a tilted cervix!

About a month ago I took 3 days of Pilates instructor training. As I am sure you are aware, Pilates/Yoga pants are not the kind of pants you can hide a pad under. I had to wear specific undergarments to avoid pantyline, if you know what I mean. And forget about pockets for going to the bathroom! I had no pockets in which to put a tampon, and we were all in one big room with our belongings in cubbies right out in the open, so no running to my purse to grab something and crossing the room again with a tampon in hand (there were men training with us as well).

Softcup was a lifesaver in this situation! I just went to the facilities, dumped out the Softcup, and put it back in. Easy.

Right now, the reusable Softcup can only be purchased online through or at local Fred Meyer stores (we don’t have these stores in North Texas, unfortunately). If you’d like to see reusable Softcup locally, please talk to your local drug store and grocers!

This giveaway is closed, thank you for entering!

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 * Read more about Toxic Shock Syndrom at You ARE Loved, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading TSS awareness and prevention.

NOTE: I was given a few free reusable Softcups and a little bag to keep them in, in exchange for this review. I promptly bought more with my own money. All opinions are my own.

12 thoughts on “Reusable SoftCup for tilted ladies

  1. Sara LeBlanc says:

    I was just looking at those thinking, hmmm… I cloth diaper my baby but still use conventional female products… I’d love to try it. 

  2. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I use a traditional cup but it sometimes bothers me (the little tab thingy) and seems to slip down when full. Would love to try these and see if they fit any better.

  3. Repairitnow says:

    Well I would love to get away from tampons and pads. I’m interested in how well these hold up. my fear is that it will fill up and then it twists and dumps everything out. I would love to learn more.

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