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Outside Elevation Burger
While I don’t eat red meat myself, my husband is a big fan of the grass-fed, pasture-raised, organic beef burgers. He has been anticipating the arrival of Elevation Burger for many months before it was completed, so the first chance we got for a few hours toddler-free (we did have the baby with us, but she slept through it), we headed over to the new location at Northwest Highway and Hillcrest in Dallas.

The slogan for Elevation Burger is “Ingredients Matter“. The cows used for Elevation Burger beef are free-range and consume grass (as they were created to do), not a mixture of corn and animal byproducts. Not only does this produce better-tasting and healthier beef, but it greatly reduces the carbon footprint of Elevation Burger and the farms it supports. The beef is also organic, meaning that the cows are not given hormones or antibiotics. The french fries are cooked in olive oil, meaning there are no trans-fats (hydrogenated oils).

The restaurant itself is environmentally friendly, utilizing bamboo flooring (a renewable resource), tabletops and ceiling tiles made of recycled materials, and low-VOC paints and finishes.

I was glad to find that they have several veggie burger options. I chose the garden-burger type. Christian had a small burger, and we split some fries. We also had a delicious chocolate shake.

One of my favorite novelties was the soda machine! Apparently these are becoming more common, but I had never seen one. It’s a machine with a single nozzle where what comes out of it is determined by a computer touch-screen, and contains dozens of options. For the Fresca-type sodas, it offers combinations of flavors you might enjoy, such as cola + cherry to make cherry cola. It was so fun that I took a little video, but due to an iPhone snafu… I don’t have it. You can see it in this picture a little, with some young boys using it.
Inside Elevation Burger
We sat out on the patio to eat our burgers, fries, and shake. It was a fun and peaceful environment, with kids and adults co-mingling.

Our meals were delicious. Christian said the beef was good. The fries were the skinny type, so if you like skinny fries you will like them. Because they are cooked in olive oil, they aren’t as crispy as you might be accustomed to if you typically eat trans-fat-fried fries, but I liked them.

I would highly recommend a visit to Elevation burger if you are in town! If nothing else, it’s important to support such a green and responsible business model.

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