Drool: NatureMill Composter

Let me first confess: I have killed yet another plant. We bought one at the White Rock Local Market and I was very faithfully watering it every single day, just as instructed. It looked worse and worse and now it is completely dead. This is a big problem I have with doing the “green” thing and growing my own veggies or, honestly, growing anything edible. I kill them all. I can grow chrysanthemums and roses, that is it. Anything more than that dies.

I have managed to kill: ivy, cactus, and bamboo. All of which are supposed to be impossible NOT to grow, and impossible to kill. I beg to differ. I apologize to their little spirits.

How does this bring me to composting? Well, things grow in compost. Maybe compost would keep me from killing things. Who knows? Either way, we eat a lot of plant matter, being vegetarian, and I feel bad that I have to throw it all away. A friend of mine just got a lovely spinner composter thingy for the backyard. It reminded me that I really wish I could compost.

For a while I was doing vermi-composting, which was a good idea in theory. However, it seems that the extreme heat of summer kills the worms, and even the mild cold of winter here also kills them. That leaves only a few months they will live here in Texas. And forget about bringing them inside. I know they say you can do it, but “they” apparently haven’t 1) smelled the odor, 2) dealt with the worm juice that comes out the bottom, or 3) lived in space as small as ours that makes #1 and #2 big deals. Not to even mention what the cats would do with the box, which would probably be indistinguishable from their litter box if the lid came open, and therefore be used for the same purpose.

This is my dream composter:

It is the NatureMill Plus under-the-sink, does-everything-for-you composter. * drool *
You just scrape your stuff in there and it turns it and makes the most lovely compost that just comes right out the other end perfectly.
It is also like $300. Which is why it has been on the “wish list” for years.
Check out how happy these people are with it:
They look totally thrilled!!
I am just saying, if anyone at NatureMill wants me to review their product for free…I will do it! I will review the heck out of that thing!!

4 thoughts on “Drool: NatureMill Composter

  1. Marjorie says:

    Maybe you’re watering too much? I had the same problem for the longest time, too, but after a few growing seasons I was shocked to finally get the hang of growing some veggies and herbs, like cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and basil. The key for me was watering just enough and fertilizing every few weeks. Lots of room in the pot, too.

    Hope this helps!


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