Update on URL redirect issues

I hope I didn’t lose anyone in the transition to the new URL… we bought the A Family Is Us URL from Network Solutions and it worked great, but we bought Conscientious Confusion from my husband’s web hosting company. There seem to be issues with his hosting company and redirecting to Blogger, while also preserving my custom posting addresses (which seem to be where I get a lot of my traffic).

For several days, if you tried to reach the blog via anything but directly typing the URL, it went into a permanent loop. I think this might also have affected my publication to feed burners/RSS readers. When I tried to fix that, the actual URL itself stopped working…thanks, Liz, for letting me know! I saw my traffic go down to, uh, ZERO, for about 4 days.

If you happen to get Conscientious Confusion posts via a feed burner or RSS feed, can you let me know if 1) you are still getting the posts (like this one), and 2) if you can click to the blog from your feed, or do you get an error?

The moral of this story might be, Network Solutions is worth the extra $10-$20! Seems like the $10 URL is exactly what you pay for…

One thought on “Update on URL redirect issues

  1. Elizabeth Wickland says:

    I get everything through Google Reader, and that’s the only way I read your blog, so I don’t think that ever got messed up for me. And I clicked through just fine to this from Reader. And I just typed in the url that gave me the 404 yesterday and it’s just fine today. =D

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