Cloth diaper Thurs: Thirsties Duo

I started Cloth Diaper Thursday to review all the diapers I received at BlogHer 2011. The Thirsties Duo is the last diaper in this series!
My daughter, Little Lady, has finally reached the weight she needs to be to help me test out the Thirsties Duo* I received from Kelly Wels at BlogHer 2011 last year! I was excited about this because the diaper is sooo pretty.

Thirsties Duo diaper review

We have been having some issues with Little Lady leaking through ALL of our stash. I’ve been scouring cloth diaper sites and emailing friends, but all I can think is that right now her legs are so thin compare to her tubby tummy that I can’t get most of our diapers’ legs to close tightly enough to prevent side leaks.

We’ve had to resort to using only our snaps diapers, which hold the legs more tightly. The one exception: the Thirsties Duo! Because it has double leg gussets and extra elastic in the front under the tummy, it’s one of the only velcro-closure diapers in our stash right now that doesn’t leak. Bonus that it’s one of the cutest, too!

The Thirsties Duo is unique because it is a pocket diaper that could also be used as a cover. Either stuff the pocket with an insert or… don’t! You could just use a prefold and use the Duo as a cover.

One note about sizing: although this diaper comes with snaps that adjust the rise, it is also a sized diaper. Usually diapers with snapped rises are one-size, but the Thirsties Duo comes in two sizes. Size 1 is for 6-18 lbs and Size 2 is 18-40 lbs. I received a Size 2, which is why I had to wait until Little Lady was about 9 months old to start using it.


  • Two sizes of diaper means your toddler won’t outgrow the Size 2 diaper until potty training
  • Love the double leg gussets!
  • Inside of the diaper is super-soft cotton, not polyester like most of our pocket dipes
  • Comes in so many cute prints!
  • Adjustable rise
  • Extra elastic in the front of the diaper holds it flush to the baby’s tummy even if the baby is tubby, like Little Lady
  • The pocket opens on both the front and back of the diaper, so the insert is certain to come out in the wash, meaning you won’t have to touch it to pull it out before washing! 
  • Can be used as a pocket diaper or a cover only


  • The sizing does mean that you’d have to buy the diaper twice as your baby grows
  • Not sure how you would go about replacing the leg elastic if it gets worn

Overall, I have been very impressed with this diaper! I would love to have been able to use it earlier, but now I know we’ll be using it until Little Lady is potty trained for sure. Thank you so much, Thirsties!

Rating: 5 out of 5

NOTE: I was given the Thirsties Duo for free at BlogHer 2011 by a blogger sponsored by Thirsties. All opinions are my own, I’m the one who has to clean up the poop, people!
* Links to Kelly’s Closet are affiliate links. I get, like, 10 cents if you order from them. Oooo. 

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