7 Quick Takes Friday #31

— 1 —

I was originally going to postpone today’s 7 Quick Takes in lieu of a “no poo” update, but after going to Aveda Institute for a haircut yesterday I have more tweaking to do, and more findings to write about. There will be a full update either this weekend or Monday.

— 2 —

Yesterday I finally bought this laundry tote, and it is going to change my life.

It can hold 3 LOADS OF LAUNDRY at once, which is perfect for taking clean folded clothes up and down the stairs. I love Real Simple magazine and also this tote. If someone told me that magazine clubbed baby seals on the head to publish it, I would probably still buy it.

— 3—

We recently discovered that we need a full size box spring for our guest bed but I refuse to pay $200 for just box springs. That seems ridiculous. I have been looking on Craigslist but we don’t have a vehicle big enough to transport it if we found one. So there is nowhere that delivers used box springs for less than $200?! Maybe we should just buy a cheap platform bed instead.

Related: I would like to apologize to our recent houseguests who found themselves falling downward through our guest bed mattress in the middle of the night.

— 4 —

Possibly because I’ve been pregnant so much of the last few years, I keep forgetting about Happy Fun Week until it surprises me. This time I only had a few disposable pads in the house. When those were gone, I just never got to the store. I’m most of the way through using only organic tampons, the Softcup, and the cloth pads I got from Lunapads or made myself. I didn’t realize I could do this without using any disposable pads! It does take some getting used to.

— 5 —

My in-laws gave me the Otterbox Defender iPhone case for Christmas. It promises to make my phone invincible. Which I need, considering I have dropped two previous phones in the toilet and the bathtub. This destruction has got to stop!

Unfortunately, the Otterbox makes the phone as bulky as a brick. I can no longer fit it in my jeans back pocket while I chase the kids around the house. For the first week I just set my phone nearby wherever I was, but I kept leaving it upstairs or downstairs and I’d hear it ring and not get there in time, or it just wasn’t nearby when I needed to jot something down or look something up or text someone.

The Otterbox came with one of those “phone holsters”. You know, the ones that clip onto your belt that the IT guys wear and look like complete geeks?

I am now wearing that holster. I have been wearing it all day. I look like a complete moron, but I can always find my phone.

— 6 —

Another thing we want to do: get some chickens. We found out recently that chickens are actually allowed in Richardson. We can put a bunch of chickens in our backyard. I cannot imagine what could go wrong with this idea!

— 7 —

I need to stop staying up so late, it makes getting up at our usual time horrible.


Well that’s all for this week, be sure to visit Conversion Diary for links to more 7 Quick Takes Fridays.

3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday #31

  1. nicole_asmanyasgiven says:

    I admire your dedication to organic/reusable sanitary things. I know the benefits. Just not there yet.

    I have the same case, but I got it when I got my phone, so I am used to not having it in my pocket. I’ve never been a phone in my pocket kind of girl anyway. But no stairs either. Rock the holster!

  2. Tammy Schmidt says:

    what is your experience between Soft cup or the Diva Cup? 
    It looks like soft cup is reusable but meant to be disposed of at the end of the period.
    I’ve used my Diva cup for two years (they suggest replacing after one year – but upon further research, I found no reason to replace.  U.S. FDA standards suggest replacement – European standards on the same product do not )

  3. Jenny Bradford says:

    Hi Tammy! I did a few posts on the DivaCup and Softcup – I have a really tilted cervix so it turns out the DivaCup doesn’t work for me 🙁 I can still use Softcup, since it’s flatter. I’ve never tried reusing a Softcup just because the membrane is sooo thin, like a ziploc bag almost, that I was afraid it would just rip and leak. Have you tried reusing yours? That might be a thought!

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