Cloth diaper Thurs: Charlie Banana

Due to all the great diapers I received at the #HauteGreen party at BlogHer this year, I have about 6 new brands I’ve been able to try! I am going to review them every Thursday for around 6 weeks.
I had heard a lot about Charlie Banana diapers before BlogHer 2011 and was excited to try them. I was even more excited about this design:
Fuzzy bum
Sorry it’s blurry, but can you see what it says?

“goodbye disposables hello cloth”SO ADORABLE!

I received two of the One Size diapers. These diapers are designed to work as either all-cloth or a hybrid of disposable and cloth. All you need to make them hybrid is these disposable inserts. I haven’t tried the disposable inserts, only the cloth.

A word on sizing
One thing that I found really weird about this diaper is that, although it purports to be one-size-fits-all, it can’t be sized up and down in the rise, or tailor-fit in any way other than fastening the snaps to close it. So, are they just assuming that one size rise will fit all babies and toddlers without any adjustment? That is a weird assumption to make. It did fit my toddler pretty well – no leaks – but it appeared smallish on him. The 16 lb baby, while looking super cute in that picture, actually must have been a little too small because it leaked for her. It did look pretty huge on her.

I guess I am just accustomed to one-size diapers having snaps that allow you to size them up or down in the rise.

Also, the 2 inserts that came with the diaper were a little confusing size-wise. One looked slightly larger than the other, but not significantly so (maybe 1 inch difference). I was left confused as to which to use for which child. And since the diaper didn’t size down, if I used only the smaller insert, what happens to the extra inch of uncovered space inside the diaper? Maybe that was the cause of the leak for the baby.

All of this style comes with snap closure, which I know many people love. I am still getting used to snaps, myself. This diaper has helped me in my journey by being ridiculously cute so I am forced to use it.

The pros of this diaper are:

  • Very soft on the inside! Much softer than what I am accustomed to. Like a minky blanket, almost.
  • Very soft insert! A lot of times the inserts are thinner or even rough (like when they’re made of hemp), but these inserts are super plush. I wanted to hug them.
  • Opening for the insert in the front – this is supposed to be to keep you from having to touch poop. I don’t think there is anything that can keep poop completely at bay, but it’s a nice touch.
  • Cute design! And other colors and prints, also cute.
  • The hybrid option is a definite plus. 

Overall, I still like this diaper and we use it regularly on the toddler. I wish someone would explain the sizing issue to me, but whatever – it works and it’s so cute!

Rating: 4 out of 5

NOTE: I was given the Charlie Banana diapers for free at BlogHer 2011 the Haute Green party. All opinions are my own, I’m the one who has to clean up the poop, people!

3 thoughts on “Cloth diaper Thurs: Charlie Banana

  1. kristen says:

    the sizing is in the adjustable elastic!  (kind of like Fuzzibunz) The little slot where the elastic tucks into is near the pocket opening! 🙂

  2. conscientious says:

    Oh, thank you! Yeah, that won’t work for me – with 2 kids in cloth, I have to be able to resize the diaper while they’re on the changing table for a diaper to truly work for both of them. Not a fan of one-size diapers than can’t be resized on-the-fly. But they are very nice as a sized diaper!

  3. Heather Schmidt says:

    Love these diaper reviews!  I love trying new brands, but can’t afford to keep doing it, so I’m living vicariously through you 🙂

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