7 Quick Takes Friday #22

— 1 —

When I wrote about my Typical Day last week, I really did not expect so many people who also have multiple kids to respond saying that my typical day looked exhausting. I just assumed that everyone with more than one child under the age of two did pretty much what I do but now I am second-guessing myself all over the place. Am I doing something wrong? Are my kids high maintenance? Am I making them that way? If you are one of the moms who also have two kids and you felt like my day was more exhausting than yours is, why is that? Is it because your kids sleep more? Because you don’t work part time? I really do want to know, so feel free to tell me in the comments!

— 2 —

In another stress-inducing post, I talked about my weight on Wednesday. I am glad to hear that there are others who have this issue. I also wanted to let everyone know that my mother tells me this is somewhat genetic. She is small and thin also. She has also tried to gain weight over the years. But I do thank the people who asked about my thyroid – next time I go to a doctor I might have them check that just to be sure.

I also want to remind everyone that this is not about how much or how little we weigh but about the fact that we don’t need to judge each other about our weight, among other things. We do not know other peoples’ stories.

— 3—

I never thought I would be excited about planning a birthday party but I think we are considering a Yo Gabba Gabba theme for Little Sir’s 2nd birthday if we can figure out where we could hold a dance party. Any ideas on where to hold a dance party in DFW? A gym? Our house is way too small for more than 3 adults and 3 kids.

I admit that the main reason we were drawn to this is so that Christian could dress up like DJ Lance Rock. He already has the sideburns:

— 4 —

I might point out that this is all subject to change. I am really big on dropping anything that gets too overwhelming at this point in my life. So we might just have a really boring party with family in the end. We will see.

— 5 —

I heard it is supposed to be in the 90’s or even below some time next week. I am too scared to believe that rumor. I have forgotten what it feels like not to sweat constantly. When it was 100 degrees the other day I thought that was awesome, like a cold front, almost.

— 6 —

Anybody else using the new Blogger dashboard interface? It looks just like WordPress now, only different fonts. And they moved the buttons that on the left side in WordPress interfaces to the right on Blogger. Like that matters – I can see what you are doing, Blogger!!

— 7 —

Although Divine Consign was last weekend, there are still a few big kids’ consignment sales coming up! Buying used kids’ clothes is not only a great way to save money, but eco-friendly, too. Don’t forget JBF Dallas/Mesquite and Three Sisters! I’ll try to post more info about those on the Conscientious Confusion Facebook page.


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  1. nicole_asmanyasgiven says:

    I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. Kids are different. And honestly, I don’t really remember what it was like to have just a toddler and baby, so my days may have looked like that too. Now I have big kids to help (well, when not at school) and it is wonderful! 🙂

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