Castille soap: it’s all good, but they’re not all equal

If you’ve made any “green” type efforts in the past, visited any “green” forums, or talked to many super-crunchy folks, you’ll probably run into the same product over and over: castille soap.

Castille soap is an olive oil based french soap, typically a liquid, that is completely natural and gentle and leaves virtually no residue (unlike most bar soaps). It’s so safe that you can brush your teeth with it! Although I have to tell you that when I tried it, it was totally disgusting.

Undoubtedly the most popular castille soap is the Dr. Bronner’s line. It has all kinds of crazy writing on the outside. If you think the writing is crazy, you have to see the documentary Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox on Netflix! One thing I can say about Dr. Bronner: at least he was enthusiastic. I enjoyed the documentary even though it made me feel a little crazy, myself.

We use Dr. Bronner’s over here and I’ve never had any complaints. We use it in foam soap dispensers for hand soap and to make our cloth wipes formula. OK, so the only complaint I have is that I wish it came in more scents. I get a little tired of Peppermint sometimes, and I just don’t like the other scents that much.

I was at our local health food store the other day when I found a competitor for Dr. Bronner’s! The brand Kiss My Face now makes a castille soap called Peace Soap. You’ll find the bottle to look suspiciously familiar – covered in writing of different types… hm. It’s the word “Peace” in various languages, instead of a religious credo, though. There was a coupon attached to the bottle that made this soap cheaper than the Dr. Bronner’s I had come to the store to purchase, so I bought the Peace Soap in the Clary Sage scent.

My conclusion: I do love the scents! The ingredients don’t seem to differ too much from Dr. Bronner’s. However, Peace Soap does not suds up. Why would this even matter? As a hand soap, or a cloth wipe solution, it doesn’t matter at all. Unfortunately, I bought this soap as part of my attempt to make my own bubble bath for the kids and it didn’t work. Sad babies. They just love their suds! And I just hate the ingredients and price of most kids’ bubble baths.

So, here’s your tip for the day: if you’re bored of the traditional Dr. Bronner’s scents, I think this Peace Soap is great! Just make sure you’re not using it for any kind of recipe that requires suds.

Do you know of any other fun castille soaps? What is your favorite? I’d love to hear!

* NOTE: I was not paid or given free product to endorse either Dr. Bronner’s or Kiss My Face. I spend my own money on that stuff. However, if someone wants to send me free castille soap, that would be awesome!

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  1. Robert says:

    Did Dr. Bronner’s suds up when you used it for bubble bath? In most waters, unless you use an enormous amount, it won’t suds up a bathtub full of water. Maybe you’d like the ingredients of mine:
    diammonium lauryl sulfosuccinate
    lauramidopropyl betaine
    disodium laureth sulfosuccinate

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