Blogging with Integrity, Part II: Business 2 Blogger

BlogWithIntegrity.comAlmost a year ago, I took the Blog With Integrity pledge and wrote a post about how I didn’t accept PR freebies at the time. I wanted to do an update post today re-defining my current PR status.

Recently some bloggers here in DFW founded a great little company called Business 2 Blogger, which connects businesses looking for PR reviews to bloggers who are looking for free stuff to review. I have signed up to receive their emails and should be posting my first review sometime in the next month.

What does this mean? All it means is that in some of the posts where I review goods or services, I might have received free goods or services to try out in exchange for the review. I will always fully disclose whether I received anything free. In addition, I will only tell you my honest opinion.

You might feel that all my reviews are positive and think I’m a total sell-out.
This is because I am actually unlikely to review anything that
1) isn’t related to my goals of being a conscientious consumer and citizen, and
2) I have not been satisfied with.
If I am not satisfied with a product I am going to work with the company to discuss why and how. If the issue can’t be resolved, I am either going to forgo posting or, if I am required by contract to post, I will be honest in the nicest way I can.

So, that’s the plan. Now, anybody want to send me an Ergo Baby Carrier to review??!!

3 thoughts on “Blogging with Integrity, Part II: Business 2 Blogger

  1. Texasholly says:

    I loved this. I think the main thing for me is to be thoughtful about what I write about – whether it be a review or a story.

    Thanks for the B2B shout out. So fun to read a fellow DFW mom.

  2. CrAzY Working Mom says:

    I think that as long as you stay true to yourself, and post with honesty there’s nothing wrong with accepting “freebies”. 🙂 As a Mom, I sacrifice a lot of my time to keep up my blog. The fact that they, we, I can get some perks makes it that much easier to do.

    Best of luck with B2B. It’s a great company. So far I’ve gotten some great campaigns through them and worked with some awesome folks.

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