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Although I admit I was plagued with guilt, I “cheated” on my hairstylist of 3 years to get my hair cut on Saturday at the new Aveda Institute Dallas.

This was almost 100% a financial decision, because the Aveda Institute is SO CHEAP! Of course, you are also allowing a student to cut your hair, which is why I deliberated and procrastinated for so long…my long-time hairstylist is expensive but he is also really good.

I have come to realize over the years that if I invest money in a good haircut, I can feel yucky about myself, feel like my skin is doing badly, my clothes are not fitting right, and then, out of nowhere, someone will compliment my hair and I will feel better about the whole thing. Good haircuts are important.

So it was with great trepidation that I went to the Aveda Institute for a $15 haircut, but also a lot of resolve. I am resolved to save some money if it kills me. Plus, I am growing out my hair right now, so I didn’t need anything complex – just a trim to continue to grow out my layers.

First of all, the lobby is very relaxing. You feel like you are in any Aveda spa/salon – they offer you the water and you have the comfy chairs, everyone is dressed in black, etc.

In the back where you get your hair cut, there are many very bare cutting stations very close together and instructors are roaming up and down mingling with the stylists and giving them advice and examining their work.

The student who cut my hair was very nice and personable, even though she was only 19. I loved her hair, which is always a good sign.

Before she started cutting she called her instructor over and they discussed what kind of cutting she would be doing. I thought this was the most interesting part and probably why I am going to go back! They had a brief discussion of “long layers” versus “rounded layers” and how that would work with my thick-but-smooth hair. I know absolutely nothing about how hairstylists do their magic stuff so I thought that was fun.

The blowout I got didn’t really work for my hair, but that is pretty common when I go somewhere new because my hair is weird and also it goes into shock for about 3 days after I get it cut each time.

I think overall, it’s a nice cut. Not anything special, but I didn’t ask for anything special.

The Aveda Institute also offers facials, mani/pedi, massages, and all other Aveda services by students at greatly reduced rates. I am looking forward to trying out more of their services soon. I would recommend this is a good way to save money!

UPDATE: Since this post was originally written I have written a follow-up post on my experience with a pedicure and waxing at the Aveda Institute as well.

4 thoughts on “Aveda Institute Dallas

  1. Aveda Institutes Beauty School Dallas says:

    We’re so glad you came and were happy with your service. We strive to create a great learning environment for our students while still providing our guests with an enjoyable salon experience at a great value. We appreciate you letting everybody know you enjoyed your visit. Come back anytime!

  2. Jolenne Bolch says:

    I went last Friday and really enjoyed the salon, especially the young lady that cut my hair.  She did a very good job of the cut, was very knowledgeable about everything and gave without a doubt the best mini massage (head, neck and shoulders) that I’ve ever received.  The onlyn downside to my experience is that she graduates at the end of March and I only have time to go back to her once before them!!  I will definitely be going back to the salon.

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